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Conquest of Happiness
(November 15, 2011)

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Seattle based singer-songwriter, Lucas Field has transitioned from his former post as frontman of Los Angeles-based rock band, Low vs. Diamond into a completely new venture that highlights his musicianship to the fullest with Conquest of Happiness.

Having bid farewell to all guitars and synthesizers, Field has discovered a more melodic core, creating a pure soul offering of electric piano, bass and drums. Texture comes courtesy of an ensemble of female vocalists, as well as his own multi-dimensional vocal range. He spent three years conceptualizing Conquest of Happiness, and recorded the entire album in just three takes.

In what turned out to be more of a "working vacation" with longtime friend and lyricist, Brandon Murphy, the energy and spirit from their collaborative sessions aboard Field's Seattle houseboat can be heard on every track. The first line the two wrote together, "Strange how it feels when you’re alive again" evolved into "Let It All Begin", and really set the tone for the rest of the record.

On tracks such as "Two Lovers" and "Sunday Morning", Field weaves stories about love and loss, all experienced on the eternal search for personal happiness. "Giving It All You Got" and "The Dreaming" further explore the full spectrum - all the highs and lows - of blazing your own trail. The first single "Just How It Goes" needs no explanation - when something feels right, there's not much you can do about it. "Consequences went out the window when I started this record," Field explains. "Musically and personally...the only thing I considered was what I felt at any given moment."

Wearing his emotions on his sleeve, there is an upfront quality to the recordings and openness to the songwriting on this album that makes you feel like you actually know Lucas by the end.

Fusing the melancholy with the upbeat, Conquest of Happiness is a record that aims to get you started, wind you down, or any moment in between.


"Let It All Begin"
"Let It All Begin" is one of the only songs I've ever written that I can just sit down at the piano and play. For me, this record was about getting to the core of what I love about music. I had the verse-melody line floating around in my head for a while and once [my co-writer Brandon] Murphy wrote the line 'strange how it feels when you're alive again’, we were off. To be honest, I think I'm just referring to music instead of a woman throughout the whole song!

"Givin It All Ya Got"
This song basically tells a story about going out into the world all on your own and making tough decisions in order to be happy and live the way you want. We get really comfortable sometimes even if it's not the right fit. Also, the transition musically from verse to chorus and back again is sick!

"Just How It Goes"
The bass line never changes the entire song! It sounds like it does's just dope. I created chords, sounds and melody lines that would shift around the bass so that the bass line drives the entire song. The lyrics are about two people in an on again off again relationship who can't admit how similar they really are!

"Every Little Gift"
I sent [Brandon] Murphy this song with a jumble of fake words and he came back with this amazing poetic lullaby of lyrics. The best way to get the message across was to keep saying it over and over and let the music grow as that developed. The girls hated how fast we had to sing this one, but I think it paid off. Sometimes when we play it live, we get going so fast I feel like I'm speaking Mandarin! The drums are really great on this one as well!

"Sunday Morning"
I love writing in 3/4 and so the dark "Sunday Morning" was written. Literally, I think [Brandon] Murphy had sent the line about the "pin prick" and the whole story just unraveled from there. The lyrics describe how one tiny thing can reveal something you've done everything to cover up. I love the solo; it makes me feel like I'm floating with my eyes closed under water in a hot tub. I think these lyrics flow exactly like the music does. These are some of my favorite lyrics on the album.

"Start From Scratch"
Some artists take themselves a little too fucking seriously to be honest. The records I love have different moments. We recorded this track after one of our live shows. I had some of the crowd come back to the studio to party and sing on this! Plus Andre (my dog) and Annie (my wife) make cameos!

"Two Lovers"
I had all the music finished for this and [Brandon] Murphy got off a plane and just handed me these lyrics. I picture these two small town kids that are ready to get the hell out and start the next chapter of their lives together. In order to fully feel this song you have to let yourself go and just let the emotion of the story overtake you. Don't be too cynical.

"Hold Her Tonight"
This is the song with which I've been opening my shows recently. It was funny, I think we tracked this in one take and at the time it felt like we were playing 100 miles per hour. Now listening back it just sounds right. [Brandon] Murphy absolutely nailed these lyrics. I'm pretty sure he had been out all night and woke up in one of those hangover hazes and just wrote the first verse down in one pass on a napkin by his bed.

"If This Wasn't Perfect"
I was sitting in the studio about to scratch this one, when this guy who had been engineering the record happened to come back by. I knew he played drums, so I told him to get in the there and just play the first thing he felt when I played the song. We recorded it as it happened and not only did we use the drums from his only take, we used my vocal and my Rhodes track! One of the most magical moments I've ever had in a studio! Thank you King Charles!

"The Dreaming"
This is the conclusion to this record. I figured out what I like, what I want, and what I'm going to do and that's a lot harder than it sounds! HA!

I majored in journalism in college and put it to good use as I interviewed Anthony Burns (drums) late one night, and then set his interview about his life in Seattle to a piece of music.